Murder Hornet, Post Falls, ID

While the murder hornet is not known to be in Post Falls now, it is good to stay alert.

Chances are you have already heard of the murder hornet, more accurately known as the Asian giant hornet. This hornet has a wingspan of about 3 inches and can be up to 2 inches long. It originates in southeastern and eastern Asia and Japan. It is known as the murder hornet because colonies of these hornets regularly attack honeybee hives, where they can annihilate the honeybees in a matter of hours. They can also be very dangerous to humans because their venom is about seven times stronger than a honeybee’s. They can sting multiple times and they can even sting through most beekeeper suits.

Murder Hornet in Post Falls, Idaho

The murder hornet was first discovered in Washington State in December 2019 and one nest was destroyed near Blaine, Washington in October 2020. It is important to keep this new threat in perspective, though. Out of over 5,000 reports of the murder hornet in Washington state, only 6 turned out to be verified sightings. There are many other types of bees and wasps that can be mis-identified as murder hornets, including the Western cicada killer, bald-faced hornets, sawflies, horntails, wood wasps, yellow jackets and even bumblebees.

If you think you may have spotted a murder hornet in or near Post Falls, Idaho, don’t panic. Take a picture of it if you can do so safely. Call us here at Bug Blasters and we can complete an inspection of your property. Most of Idaho is thought to be too dry to support wild populations of the murder hornet because they prefer cool, wet climates. It is good to stay alert for the possibility of murder hornets in our area.


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