Pest Control

Our licensed and certified professionals can handle a variety of pest control services.

Ant Control

We take care of ants the right way – by eliminating the queen of the colony.

Wasp Control

Don’t get stung trying to deal with wasps or yellow jackets on your own!

Our effective and affordable pest control services are available for your home and business.

Here at Bug Blasters, as a local family-owned pest control services company, we understand that enjoying the Post Falls, Idaho outdoors for camping, hiking, or boating involves dealing with a certain number of pests. We don’t believe, however, that you should have to do so inside your home or business. This area of the country is home to numerous insect species that can annoy you just about any time of the year. That is why we chose to become one of the most trusted pest control services companies in the area for comprehensive services.

We offer both residential and commercial extermination services, either on an as-needed basis or for preventative measures. Whether you inadvertently brought home some bed bugs after a recent vacation, have found ants in your kitchen, or are finding just a few too many cobwebs in your basement, indicating spiders are present, we have you covered with the best pest treatments available. In addition to insect issues, we also provide rodent control, which is particularly essential for businesses in the food industry.

A Wide Variety of Pest Removal Services


Most spiders are harmless to humans, but some are poisonous. Unless you are an expert at telling the difference, let the spider pest control pros at Bug Blasters remove them from your home.


We can implement numerous strategies to prevent and control rodents from entering and living in your space.


Getting rid of wasp nests can be tricky. Wasps tend to build their nests where they won’t be bothered, which could be high up on the exterior of your home. You could go weeks or months before realizing you have a wasp problem. 


Carpenter ants are one of the most common ants in the area. If you suspect you have an infestation, Bug Blasters offers carpenter ant removal services in Post Falls, Idaho and beyond including Coeur d`Alene.


Rely on us for thorough bedbug solutions in Post Falls, ID and the surrounding areas including Coeur d`Alene. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to treat the problem without a sure-fire solution.


Do you notice stink bugs in your home when the weather warms up? You may have them living in your walls, attic, crawl spaces or basement.


Earwigs primarily feed off leaves, flowers, fruits, and plants that are found outdoors, but these pests can still make their way into your home. They feed off of materials that contain cellulose and can survive off items such as books, newspapers, etc.

Initial Service Discount

$50 OFF


Get $50 OFF our initial services. – Bug Blasters.

When Pests Forget They Belong Outdoors

If you are dealing with carpenter ants, wasps, yellow jackets, ants, spiders, bedbugs, rodents, earwigs, stinkbugs, or something else at your home or business, just give us a call to get a free estimate for our pest control services. Not only will you find that we are an affordable solution, but we also do not give up until all pests are gone. Some pests are irritating, some are destructive, and some are downright dangerous – send them all packing with our exceptional, effective pest control services today!


Client Reviews

“Totally awesome work. They do not give up until all critters, other than pets, of course are gone, gone, and dead and gone.”

Helen W

“They were the best!! I will definitely use there services again.they are so affordable and know their business.”

Kathy k



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