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Our hornet control services can keep you and your family safe.

Anything that keeps you from enjoying your home or your outdoor space is a major problem. While we often talk about hornets here in Post Falls, Idaho, there are actually no true species of hornets known to live here at this time. The European brown hornet’s known range covers most of the eastern United States but stops in the Dakotas. There have been a few confirmations of Asian giant hornets (also known as murder hornets) in Washington state and British Columbia, Canada.

Hornet Control in Post Falls, Idaho

Here around Post Falls, chances are if you are talking about hornets and hornet control, you are probably experiencing a problem with the Western cicada killer or the bald-faced hornet (actually a type of wasp). Other common bees and wasps that are misidentified as hornets are sawflies, horntails, bumble bees, wood wasps and yellow jackets. No matter what kind of flying, stinging pest you need controlled, you can count on us here at Bug Blasters. We are a local pest control company that is family owned and operated.

When it comes to hornet control, we understand that time is of the essence. You don’t want to risk stings or potential damage to your loved ones or your property. When you call us, we will be happy to come and do a full inspection of your property and give you a free quote before proceeding. Our exact process will vary depending on the exact species of hornet you have, as well as the size and location of their colony and nest. We can also give you information about how to prevent future problems and ongoing hornet control. Call today to set up your inspection.


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